Area Rugs in Washington DC

Area Rugs in Washington DC

My Aunt Kim once told me “décor is a form of expression and can eventually boost your mood or inspire creativity amongst others.” My Aunt Kim is a professional interior designer for various companies, sports teams, and collaborative office spaces; her advice gave me a realization that my own life could use some redecoration. In the eleventh grade, I realized my pink walls did not reflect how I truly felt about my life when I came home to my room I was often in a bad mood. The décor of my room didn’t help, as these pink Pepto Bismol walls made me feel trapped in middle school, and with the mindset of appearing as a child, not a maturing young lady when you’re looking for area rugs in Washington DC.

Décor should boost your mood, ran through my mind until I decided to change my current living space. I grabbed an IKEA catalog, and began watching HGTV shows searching for inspiration, to remove the walls that reminded me of piglet’s stomach, or Nick Jr. shows. Days, weeks flew by until I found a cool, refreshing color that could make my 99 square foot room spacious… a light Tiffany Blue.

After finding the perfect color, the journey of redecorating my room became exciting, I discovered the perfect theme for my room that represents peace and elegance with silver gray, black, and white accessories. With my Mother and Aunt’s help, walls of my precious youth that includes flowers, and Bobby Jack theme bedroom were scraped away. My Mother coated each wall evenly with the light and bright blue that was similar to Tiffany Blue for two weeks, ensuring my room had balance.

Near the end of two weeks, my Mother and I removed the tan swirled wood dresser I held onto for 15 years and replaced it with a small yet compatible eight by nine inch white open boxed set with mini blue, pastel pink and gray clothed bins.  By the end of this décor project I was happy to share the experience with my Mom and Aunt, my room reflected the mindset I was in at the time, and every so often I add a new piece to my room like a floor mat, pictures with black or what frames, a silver gray and white throw.

For me décor mattered, it helped me to escape a feeling of being trapped in my childhood, for others décor may matter because it represents new beginnings, introduces new habits, or begins a journey of creativity. My experience of redecorating my room lifted my mood and pushed me to a better mood. Décor is important for society because it can represent elevation, which is essentially a goal we value, and my Aunt Kim reminded me of how this goal of elevation can be reflected in workspaces, home, convention centers and other aspects of life.